BLANCHE's story
In one of her greatest hit songs, Tina Turner famously asked 'What's Love Got to Do With It?', and in Blanche's case, it's everything! This sweet dog is truly all about love! She is six years old and weighs 56 pounds.
The minute you meet her, Blanche will stand up to hug you! She adores being right beside you on daily walks, too.
She enjoys outings in the fenced yard, where she is always ready to play ball or entertain herself with a plush squeaky toy. Once she is done, Blanche wants to be where you are for some quality cuddle time.
Blanche would love to be the only dog in her new family so she can have you all to herself. Doggy devotion and cuddles are guaranteed!
E-mail for more information or stop by Williamson County Animal Center for a meet and greet!
E-mail for more information!

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