Here we go, Guinea Pigs!! We have 5, two adults and 3 juveniles. We have no clue what their sexes are or their ages. They are going to be vetted on April 4th, we will know more then. This family was left alone, in an abandoned house, after their "family" moved away and just left them. They were discovered purely by accident and were fed for 4 days in the home, in hopes someone would come back for them-that never happened so these 5 little piggies are now part of the RARE family. We have given them names for adoption purposes that would fit either a male or female. When adopting, please remember they do best in pairs or trios if they have lived together previously and when introducing adults to the same sex, it's best to introduce a younger one to an adult. To apply for these furry loveables, please visit

Please be ready to allow time for your piggy to acclimate and get used to you. This family is friendly but does need more socialization. As far as handling they are still very shy at first.

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